Smart Energy Plan

Smart Energy Plan

The Weld County Natural Gas Coalition has developed a “Smart Energy Plan” to utilize Natural Gas as “the” alternative transportation fuel!

Phase I – Program Launch

  • Develop initial infrastructure (3-5 CNG stations)
  • Pilot programs with stakeholders for vehicle conversions (150 vehicles)
  • Education and awareness program

Phase II – Program Growth

  • Infrastructure expansion (7-10 CNG stations, 1 LNG station)
  • NGV’s increase to 1000 vehicles with pilot expansions and new stakeholders being added
  • NGV and infrastructure certification programs ongoing at colleges

Phase III – Program Sustainability

  • Infrastructure builds out with market demand (15-25 CNG stations and 3 LNG stations)
  • NGV’s growth is consumer oriented, count exceeds 10,000 vehicles


Weld County NGV Fleet crop

Picture of Weld County’s Natural Gas Fleet