Natural Gas Vehicles

Powered by WC CNG photoThe number of natural gas vehicles on the road worldwide has nearly doubled to over 8 million in the past 5 years! That number is expected by some to increase ten-fold by 2020!

Natural gas can be used in all classes of vehicles – motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, lift trucks, locomotives, even ships and ferries.

Natural gas can be used either by converting an existing gasoline or diesel engine, or by using a purpose built natural gas engine.

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Weld County is also converting fleet vehicles. In 2010, Weld County converted 4 vehicles; in 2011 - 7 vehicles; 2012 – 10 vehicles; and in 2013 21 vehicles will be converted all of which include, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), light, medium, and heavy duty trucks, as well as passenger vans.

heavy duty trucks